Friday, May 16, 2008


Waiving It About

I'm sure Cathi and Kris Unruh are nice people. They no doubt fit comfortably within John Wilkins' 95/95 Rule: 95% of all people are decent 95% of the time. Despite their evangelical Christian faith, that led them to home school their children, they purportedly taught their children a wider philosophy and accept that they may think differently than their parents do. But ...

So for Unruh, the quick translation of Thursday's ruling by the California Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage is simple. It goes against God's plan.

A union between a man and a woman is "God's standard of what is best, what's most healthy, physically, spiritually and emotionally," she said.
What isn't clear is why the State of California should be in the business of trying to enforce "God's standard." Nor is it clear what the Unruh's think would happen if the state decided to impose someone else's idea of God's standards ... one that they didn't agree with:

In this case, they say, the court overstepped its authority.

"It's discouraging that a body . . . of a few are making public policy as opposed to just ruling on law," said Kris Unruh, 49, who works as a business analyst for Boeing Co.
Umm ... the Constitution of California is the highest law of the state and the judges were "just ruling" on it.

"They're overriding the will of the people," he said, referring to the 2000 ballot measure in which voters supported defining legally recognized marriage as between a man and a woman.
Oh, good. So the next time some Islamic nation is talking about imprisoning, or worse, some Christian missionary for trying to induce some Muslim into committing the capital crime of apostasy, the Unruh's will be heartily supporting the will of the people in that case?

Theocracy is a two edged sword ... a particularly dangerous one in the hands of those who would wield it unthinkingly.

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