Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Box Office Hits

PZ Myearshertz got a nice write-up in Alan Boyle's MSNBC blog, Cosmic Log. As might be gathered from the title, "The Expelled Evolutionist," one focus of the article is a certain infamous incident. Boyle starts off:

P.Z. Myers is the evolutionist creationists love to hate: They hate him so much that he was expelled from an advance screening of "Expelled," even though the anti-evolution movie includes an interview with him.

I don't know why Boyle thinks creationists hate PZ. After all, look at the nice picture of him that the producers of Expelled lent me.

And it's obvious PZ likes them. When asked about the incident, PZ said of the producers:

I never imagined that they would do the perfect thing ...

See? A veritable love fest.

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