Saturday, June 28, 2008


Coming Back to Harbor

The Second Carnival of Elitist Bastards has set sail from the Carnival's own blog.

The contribution by Dana Hunter, our own Vice Admiral (and I couldn't think of anyone better to be in charge of Vice), is entitled "The American Electorate: 'I'm Voting for Stupid.'" It tells the sad tale of the fall of American politics. From a start not only graced by the likes of Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and James Madison, but where a sizable portion of the electorate read the newly proposed Constitution and The Federalist Papers and seriously and intellectually debated the merits of our form of government, to a place where George Bush gets elected by pitching sound bites geared at a seventh grade reading level to a populace disinterested in facts, most of whom probably wouldn't recognize the Constitution if they were given a three day head start.

That explains why I chose JMW Turner's The Fighting Temeraire Tugged to Her Last Berth to Be Broken Up 1838 to illustrate this.


One of my favorite paintings. It's so sad to see this veteran of Trafalgar on her way to being broken up.
I knew you liked it and thought of you when I chose it ... though not to imply you should be broken up!

John, you're the greatest evah! Muchos gracias for the promotion, the shout-out, and the gorgeous illustration!
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