Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Thunk ... Ow ... Thunk ... Ow ...

Ed Brayton has uncovered a truly crazed ... "rant" would give it too much dignity ... fetid swamp emanation ... attributed to the Deputy Minister of Religious Endowment for Hamas.

I won't try (much) to steal Ed's thunder so you'll have to go there to learn about the Israeli guided missile especially designed to take out politicians.

Of course, Israel (all 7,282,000 of them) is out to rule the world and its chief weapon is ... gasp ... philosophy!

They have come up with many means to achieve this, such as inventing philosophical theories that destroy religion and morality. ... Jean-Paul Sartre, founder of existentialism, which is based on atheism, was a famous French Jew.

Israel's chief weapon is philosophy ... philosophy and science ...

There are also theories that were invented by non-Jews, but they disseminate them, knowing that they are scientifically false, such as the theory of Darwin. Darwin was not Jewish, but they exploited his theory.

Israel's two weapons are philosophy and science ... and Freemasonry ...

The Freemason movement used various methods to bring the political, philosophical, and literary leaders worldwide to their knees.

I'll come in again.

And now for something completely different:

That's why when a Democrat comes to occupied Palestine, he puts on a religious skullcap, goes to the Western Wall, bangs his head against the wall, and says: 'Your philosophy and the need to please you is now inside my head.'

I'll grant that I've got an urge to hit my head against a wall ... but it's to get something out.

John, sweetheart, do you need to borrow my brain bleach? I think I have some left...

(And I have to ask: was the title in any way inspired by a certain MST3K episode wherein every time there was a gunshot, one of the robots said "Ow"?)
Ah, no. Unfortunately, where we live they only had a limited inventory of MST3K so we never got to watch them enough times to recite the lines by heart.

That's very nearly tragic, John. MST3K should be freely available to all. It's almost as rich a source as fun quotes as Monty Python.

That said, of course, I rarely watch it and can't quote many episodes. Rocko's Modern Life, on the other hand... ;-)
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