Thursday, June 12, 2008


Voting For a Change

James McGrath has a post at his blog, Exploring the Matrix that details the feeling among some apocalyptic-oriented Evangelicals that Barack Obama is the Antichrist. James, of course, insists on being rational about the whole thing, almost overlooking the potential humor involved.

I think we should encourage this turn of events. After all, if Israel can take advantage of Apocalypse-lusting religious loons, why shouldn't Democrats? Think of the slogans we could have! Obama Comes Once, Jesus Comes Again! Obama '08, Rapture '09! Obama Gets In, Armageddon!

And, since McCain tossed over John Hagee, one of the strongest of the support-Israel-and-bring-on-the-end-of-timers, we can cast McCain as the Antiantichrist, out to frustrate the will of God!

Some may object that this would debase American politics ... but only if they haven't been paying attention to American politics.

Does antiantiChrist = Christ?
No, Christ could only be the postmillennial antiantichrist. McCain would be the premillennial antiantichist.

Or somethin' ...
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