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Florida Citizens for Science has a history of the battle over the state science standards during the last two years, eventually resulting in almost total victory for those in favor of good science education.

The site includes complete video of the Feb. 11, 2008 science standards public hearing in Orlando, including the infamous appearance by Dallas Ellis, who held up an orange and said that because of evolution, he now had irrefutable evidence that an orange was "the first cousin to somebody's pet cat" and "related to human beings" (at Part 1, beginning at minute 53:30). There is also complete video of the Feb. 19, 2008 State Board of Education meeting, where the standards were adopted with what is, at worst, the minor concession of appending the phrase "scientific theory of" to each instance of where "evolution" appears in the standards (as well as to most other "main stream" scientific concepts).

It will be both an object lesson and a valuable resource for similar battles upcoming in other states, most notably Texas.

Suggestion for the Texas state visitor's bureau slogan:

Welcome to Texas: the new Florida
Very good. But maybe

Welcome to Texas: not as smart as Florida

... is closer to the truth.
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