Thursday, July 03, 2008


Parsing Phaith

A thought:

That one out of five Americans who identify themselves as atheists also say that they believe in God or a "universal spirit" and that one out of ten pray at least once a week can lead to only one conclusion. These people don't know that an atheist is, by definition, someone who does not believe in God or in the supernatural. To say that you're an atheist who believes in God and prays is the equivalent of saying that you're a vegetarian who loves to scarf down barbecued ribs and T-bone steak. Or a Christian who rejects the teachings of the New Testament. Or a religiously observant Jew who also believes that Jesus was the Messiah. Or a Muslim who believes that Jesus was God.

-Susan Jacoby, "Don't Know Much About Theology, Don't Know Much Philosophy... " Newsweek, On Faith, July 1, 2008

It's either a bunch of people confused over the definition... or it's a lot of sniggering atheists who can't believe their luck:

"Wow, I just told this moron I'm an atheist, and then they asked me if I believe in God? Teh awesome! 'Yes, yes of course I believe in God. Pray? All the time!' Ha ha ha ha ha!"

We're godless and have no morals, right? 'Course we're not gonna answer poll questions truthfully.

I can't believe any atheist would go around intentionally screwing with polls ... unless they desrved it.
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