Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Bill Donohue Says Jesus Was a Hermaphrodite!

Well, not quite.

Our old source of merriment and derision is upset at two of the blogs that have been credentialed to cover the Democratic Party Convention. In no surprise at all, one of them, Towleroad, obtains the honor of Donohue's disdain mostly because it describes itself as "A Site with Homosexual Tendencies." The other, Bitch PhD, has cover art featuring a little girl acting like most little boys and hoisting a one-finger salute. Oh, and the blog's author links to a blog called Apostropher that has pictures of Jesus balloon figures, one of which, shown to the right, apparently has a (gasp) penis!

Now, Bill, it has been many (many) years since I last studied Catechism but, if I'm not much mistaken, Jesus was supposed to be fully human and fully divine. That kind of implies that he must have had the plumbing that comes with being a male. Unless he was the above-mentioned hermaphrodite or ...

... a cross dressing (horrors!) woman!!!

Via Pharyngula

Since it's unlikely that Donohue will be attending the DNC, why does he give a hoot who will be there?
Like most moralists, he wants to peek into anywhere you might be, up to and including your bedroom. To paraphrase Menken (I think), Donahue lives in deadly fear that anyone might be having fun.
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