Saturday, August 09, 2008


Celebrities in New York

The kindly overlords of Seed magazine let some of their minions out of the blog mines for an afternoon in New York in the pleasant confines of Social Bar & Grill.

Here are a few pictures. First up is Coturnix from A Blog Around the Clock:

Ed Brayton from Dispatches From the Culture Wars was holding court in the back like a proper New York Don:

Brian Switek of Laelaps was there with an unidentified hanger-on:

But the Paris Hilton of scienceblogdom, Professor Steve Steve, set the place atwitter by dancing on the tables:

A grand time was had by all!
Is it my imagination or was Prof. Steve wearing a rather fetching new outfit for the occasion?
John, it was pleasure to meet you.

And Ian, yes, the good professor is wearing Paddington Bear's clothes (don't ask!?).
Great to meet you too!

But I thought the Prof was wearing traditional Chinese clothing in honor of the Olympics ... silly me!
It was great to meet you, John!

I didn't realize I was smiling so wide; I guess meeting an excellent fellow blogger just makes me that happy!
Heh! That and the drink you were holding. ;-)

I really enjoyed meeting you too!
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