Sunday, August 31, 2008


Fair Play

Comedian Mo Rocca wants to come up with some campaign slogans for our newest candidate. Here are some from him and the commentators at his site:

~ Sarah Palin: A chicken in every pot and a bun in every oven.

~ Sarah Palin: Her aim is better than Cheney's.

~ Sarah Palin: If God wanted polar bears around forever he wouldn't have created oil.

~ Sarah Palin: Because the Dark Ages weren't that bad.

~ Sarah Palin: A hockey mom who will beat the crap out of soccer moms!

And there is mine:

~ Sarah Palin: If you don't know what it's like eking out a living in a small town on the edge of a wasteland, wait until we've had four years in office.

Further entries welcome!

Sarah Palin: The bridge to nowhere.
Dave S. said...

Sarah Palin: She'll do fine, as long as all the other states have as much oil as Alaska.
Has Karl Rove contacted you yet? What are they offering for your creative work on their behalf?
There has been a strange silence from the Republican honchos. No doubt they are too busy crafting their plan to better America whether or not they win in November.
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