Monday, August 25, 2008



Um ...

The two overriding planetary aspects shadowing the Democratic National Convention over the next few days is a long-term conjunction of Chiron (wounding and healing) to the North Node (the ascending point where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun around the Earth, from our perspective on Planet Earth). The North Node is not a planet, but in astrology it symbolizes the path of our future evolution. The conjunction of Chiron to the North Node began back in June and will continue through October.

Now you may be thinking that this is just something else that Biden should call malarkey. But hold on there! Listen to these predictions:

[T]he Convention, falling under this Chiron/Node conjunction, is opening old wounds of party issues ... rivalries between men and women, between those of different races, and between generations are rupturing as old wounds fester and come to the surface ... arguments and power struggles between various ideologies ... the ending of long-held alliances and partnerships ... things will not go smoothly ... there will be a fair amount of dirty laundry aired.
You know, some of those things are happening already!

Oh, wait a minute ... This is a Democratic convention isn't it?

Never mind!

Art by Knicki

Yup. That's about as difficult a feat of prediction as this:

"The stars [insert mumbo-jumbo with planet names here] tell me that the Republicons will act like total asshats during the election season this fall."

I'm sweating, I am. Must be Mercury rising...
Uncanny, innit?
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