Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Geeks Bearing Gifts

There's a relatively new blog out there called Imaging Geek that looks interesting.

It's by Bryan, a cell biologist working in Toronto, Canada, who studies, of course, biology and, particularly, apoptosis.

Basically ... sex and death. Who could ask for anything more?

Well, there is this:

According to the creationists there is some sort of scientific debate as to the reality of evolution. Strange, that in the 12 or so years that I've worked as a biologist that I've not run into it. You'd think that if such a controversy existed that one of the hundred or so scientists I've worked with and known would have mentioned it, or that it would have come up in one of the many scientific meetings I've attended, or that reviewers would have dinged me for not mentioning it in my papers where evolution was featured as a mechanism, or for that matter, that it would have come up in one of the thousands of scientific papers that have crossed my desk.

Welcome to the club, Bryan ... but just remember what Groucho Marx said.

Hey the link that is supposed to be for the blog seems to be actually connecting to my profile. Are you implying that I'm an imaginary Geek?
No, I'm obviously proving that I'm not a geek ... since I couldn't get the link right.

(It was actually sending any Blogger user to their own profile page. Lord knows where it sent non-Bloggers.)

I've incrementally improved my geekness by correcting it.
Wow, someone found my blog. I guess this means I should think about writing something new...

BTW, for brian and anyone else who may want to see it - http://imaginggeek.blogspot.com/
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