Saturday, September 27, 2008


If Not Now, When?

The Fifth Carnival of Elitist Bastards has set sail at The Coffee-Stained Writer. And at this time there is one paramount reason for elitism:

By trying to set our towns against our cities, Palin makes the vital mistake of imagining that, despite our differences, we don't need each other, and the equally dangerous mistake of pigeonholing our towns & cities into pre-determined antagonistic roles. If we're stuck in a culture war, it's because people like Palin insist on re-digging our trenches when it's beneficial to their political career. For shame.

Doing the silver lining thingie, I suppose having Palin around makes it so much easier to be an elite.


If I were being snide, I would say that Palin has set the bar so low that McCain, Bush and even me are elite...

...if I were being snide.
Bush an elite? That's being more than snide!
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