Monday, September 08, 2008


Sarah Palin Slaughters Puppies

Okay, they're actually wolf cubs ...

Palin doesn't kill them herself ... she sends out state employees to do the dirty work..

She also encourages private citizens to do it by putting a bounty on wolves ... well, she doesn't put a bounty on them anymore, because a court made her stop.

But she lets people kill them in the least sporting way imaginable ... from airplanes.

And why does she want people to kill wolves in the least sporting way imaginable? ... So people can have sport shooting caribou.

And what basis does she have for thinking that killing wolves in the least sporting way possible will increase the sport of shooting caribou? ... Why, none at all:

Last year, 172 scientists signed a letter to Palin, expressing concern about the lack of science behind the state's wolf-killing operation. According to the scientists, state officials set population objectives for moose and caribou based on "unattainable, unsustainable historically high populations." As a result, the "inadequately designed predator control programs" threatened the long-term health of both the ungulate and wolf populations. The scientists concluded with a plea to Palin to consider the conservation of wolves and bears "on an equal basis with the goal of producing more ungulates for hunters."

But, hey! If you're willing to ignore scientists on little things like biology and global warming, why start listening to them when it comes to wildlife management?

Picture from First People

Wolves and dogs are still the same species, so the wolf cubs are, in essence, puppies.
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