Sunday, October 19, 2008



Colin Powell endores Barack Obama on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Powell mentions Sarah Palin unreadiness to be president, the negativity of McCain's campaign, particularly the Ayers attacks, the constant suggestions by many in the party that Obama is a muslim (and that, even if he was, it would somehow matter) and the promise by McCain to make the Supreme Court more conservative as some of the reasons for his decision.

He also notes that, although he is opposed to "deadlines" for withdrawing from Iraq, the present administration is negotiating just such a withdrawal schedule and, ultimately, the Iraqis will be making those political and military decisions.

He says he regrets "disappointing" McCain, who he respects, but we need change to move toward what he believes Bush promised with "compassionate conservatism."

Pwnd by Pwll?
I've never been "hip" enough to understand what "pwned" was suppoed to mean. In old-foggyism, KOed by Colin may compute.
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