Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Santayana's Curse

Daniel Nexon at The Duck of Minerva beat me to it.

Curious as to the mouth-breather reaction to that debate thingie we American inflicted on ourselves (full disclosure: I didn't watch it), I went to RedState to see that partisan side's take on the whole thing. Erik Erikson gave me all the reason needed to vote against McCain:

Barack Obama suggests we need to consider moral issues in intervening with combat forces. He mentions intervening in the Holocaust and how we should have done that.

Um Senator, we did intervene in the Holocaust. It was called World War II.

Um, Eric, no we didn't.

In 1939, we couldn't even be bothered to take in 906 German Jews aboard the passenger ship St. Louis sitting off Miami. About half of them died in the Holocaust.

I'd prefer not to repeat that history.

And another saying: By their friends shall ye know them.

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