Saturday, November 01, 2008


Another Elitist Identified!

Here is Cynthia Tucker of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, discussing if Sarah Palin is the "future" of the Republican Party or Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal might be:

Jindal's credentials make him sound like the obvious savior for a party desperately in need of a image transplant.

But how does a party of Palinism — elite-bashing, "real America"-loving, anti-intellectual, xenophobic and racially intolerant simplemindedness — turn around and embrace a figure like Jindal? He could easily be smeared as "other." His parents are Hindu. That might not be quite as incendiary among low-information voters as Muslim parentage, but it's not Christian, either. ...

[A]s a straight-A, Ivy League-educated Rhodes Scholar, Jindal is at least as intellectual as Obama. How's the University of Oxford for elitism?

The Republican Party has painted itself into a very small and very white corner with its refusal to give up the ignominious Southern strategy, which relies on an appeal to white voters still resentful of the civil rights movement, skeptical of intellectual achievement and, lately, hostile to dark-skinned immigrants from south of the border.

With all the defections among party intellectuals, such as Colin Powell, Francis Fukuyama, Charles Fried, Christopher Buckley and many others, and the serious doubts about the very conservative Jindal's ability to attract broad Republican support, "GOP" may soon come to stand for "Goober Owned Party."

Goober Owned Party

That may only be a temporary name. If the Palinista manage to drive out all the moderates and rational conservatives, it can then be called the "Goober Only Party."
I love Tucker's column; read it every week in the Yahoo! opinions page. She has good feel for cutting through bull that I like.
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