Sunday, November 23, 2008


Wising Up the Fools

Brian Burgess is upset.

[A]s a graduate of Hardin-Simmons University, I was grieved when I read that professors at each of Abilene's "Christian" universities have joined a fundamentalist group bent on destroying academic freedom and banning from public schools scientific data that clearly refutes their dogmas. While Dr. Mark Ouimette said "there's no evidence" for intelligent design, Romans 1 says such evidence is pervasive and unavoidable. And it says that God's wrath is on those who "suppress the truth."

If the scientific data is allowed to speak, its obvious implication is that the miraculous, awe inspiring design of creation cannot be accounted for by the silliness of chance (Dawkins called it "luck") evolution, and intelligent design is the logical alternative.
It seems those professors have not done their homework:

How sad that teachers in a "Christian" school would use an outdated, disproved dictum of fallible, finite men who weren't there to second guess the infallible, all wise, infinite creator who was.
And what outmoded ideas have those professors fallen for? Why, spontaneous generation of life, of course, "which was disproved scientifically more than 100 years ago."

Brian Burgess is in a position to know this, of course, because, despite the fact that he has spent the last 32 years as an insurance agent in Haskell, Texas, he has read the Bible and knows those professors "have become vain in their imaginations (imagining all kinds of scientifically impossible things), professing themselves (why we call them "professors") to be wise, they have become fools."

And to suggest any different would be elitist.

Brian Burgess is an ass, but at least he's a mildly amusing ass.
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