Saturday, November 01, 2008


First Annual Ferric Patella Award1

John Freshwater is (but, hopefully, not for long) a middle-school science teacher in Mount Vernon, Ohio, who I've written about before. He is in the process of being fired by the school board for, among other things2, teaching creationism/Intelligent Design in his classes.

Richard B. Hoppe of the Panda's Thumb has been attending the proceedings and reporting on events.

But this local news report, concerning the cross examination by Freshwater's attorney, Kelly Hamilton, of Mount Vernon High School Science Department chairman Richard Cunningham, caught my eye:

"Do you have any empirical evidence that John freshwater taught creationism or intelligent design?" Hamilton asked.

Empirical evidence? Suddenly Freshwater appeals to empirical evidence?

Well, we're not going to take the bait. Teacher qualifications are not a mechanistic standard and it's not the school board's task to match your pathetic level of detail in telling legalistic stories3.

1 Name blatantly stolen from the Honorable Keeper of Chez Watt.

2 Minor things like using a scientific instrument to mark his students with a Christian cross.

3 Argument courtesy of William Dembski.

That pathetic level of detail is so elitist.
From other remarks I've heard, by "do you have empirical evidence" Hamilton apparently means "do you have movies of it?"
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