Sunday, November 30, 2008


Meaner Than Meme

Despite threats to turn perpetrators of the internet terror known as "memes" in to Fatherla ... um ... Homeland Security and have their sorry asses transported to Gitmo for a little arbeit macht frei, occasionally someone makes the grave error of meming me. This time Brian of Primordial Blog was the culprit. Feeling it is only fair that I respond before his extraordinary rendition, I was looking through the backdates of my blog for a way to cheat ... err ... make the process of answering more efficient, when I discovered that this meme had gone the rounds previously and, at that time, before I had seen the light, I had passed it on to Brian.

The only real difference between the earlier meme and the latest one (you can see the rules at the Chaplin's place, since Brian didn't post them because, like all Canadians, he already has all the world's rules engraved on his psyche at birth), is that the present meme requires the victims to reveal six random, arbitrary things about themselves when the older one required eight random facts/habits. I guess that's that deflation thingie we've been hearing about so much lately. In any event this change will not convince any creationists, since this is clearly microevolution, not macroevolution.

In any event, here's my six:

1. I don't follow rules that well, especially when I don't see any point to them. That's why I'm not posting the rules here and am not passing the meme along to anyone else.

2. I'm a book addict (as is my wife). We have some 51 linear feet of bookshelves in our house, a lot of them double shelved; various coffee/end tables anchored by books; a 2' x 2' "shelf" area in the back room piled at least 10 deep in books; and random piles of books on the floors and chairs and wherever. That doesn't count the 18 cardboard boxes full in storage in the basement.

3. I am an agnostic pantheist with touches of Deism. Hey! It just says I have to tell 'em, not explain 'em!

4. The most unusual legal fee I was ever offered was a blow job by a young man ... about 6'2", 235 lb. ... charged with beating up 3 (count 'em, three) US Army Drill Sergeants ... and who had just been deemed (by an Army psychiatrist) to be mentally unfit to stand trial. The offer came while I was locked in a 3' x 6' cell alone with him. Fortunately, he was not absolutely insistent on paying.

5. Multiple choice tests are useful only for testing how well someone takes tests. About my only academic honor was the award of a book prize for having the highest grade in my law school class in a subject that, when I attended class, I usually played hearts in the back of the room with other reprobates, and in which I was reading the course "pony" for the first time on the day of the final exam, which was entirely multiple choice. I suppose I should say that it was a subject that has never come up in the course of my legal career.

6. I'm a pack rat. My desk at home has long since disappeared under sedimentation composed of old papers, computer programs, discs of various formats containing information of no possible conceivable use and other mental effluvia.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Thanks for being a good sport while pretending not to be.

Oh, and I'm waiting for a post to explain that part where you babble incoherently about being a "agnostic pantheist with touches of Deism". Does that mean you're not sure if you should worship all living creatures while being watched by an imaginary voyeuristic sky daddy who treats his creation like a stipper (he can watch but not touch)? If so, where can I go to join?

Makes sense to me!
This time Brian of Primordial Blog was the culprit. Feeling it is only fair that I respond before his extraordinary rendition,

Given where Brian lives, and the time of year, I think that only works if Sarah Palin makes the executive decision to order a cross-border strike by the Alaskan National Guard Dog-Sled Commando Squad....
Only 51'? You have my sympathies.
Well, I suppose it will make it easier on the Palin Pforce (No One Expects the Palin Pforce!) if you go on thinking I'm a good sport.

While you're waiting, chew on this:

My "theology" is essentially that I find that a minimalist cosmological argument, centered on the problem of the infinite regress, makes the existence of some sort of "First Mover" slightly more probable than its negation but the truth of which we could never know. Given that it is no solution to the infinite regress unless the First Mover is itself infinite and given my understanding that an infinite "being" (i.e. something which is, rather than that which is not) could not create being outside that infinity without demonstrating that its being was not infinite in the first place, any such First Mover would have to encompass all that exists. The existence of such a First Mover would not entail any will to Providence or even any consciousness, at least in any sense that finite beings could understand the term.

Hope that helps.

As to shelf space, that was merely given as a first approximation ... I don' need no stinkin' bookshelves!
Well yeah, that kind of makes sense (and probably will more after a few beers)... but I still liked the way I worded it better.
It seems I have to work on my ability to explain Life, the Universe and Everything in 100 words or less.

Not really on topic here, but you've been tagged.
Well, at least this one doesn't take much work or thinking.
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