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How come no one told Indy?

Though no one knows if Valencia's grail is the true Last Supper chalice, a group of experts says it has tremendous cultural value due to its impact on history and literature.

This was affirmed by members of the international congress "Valencia, City of the Holy Grail," focusing on the chalice traditionally associated with the institution of the Eucharist. ...

Experts from several countries attended the congress. They gave presentations on the ways in which this relic has marked history and literature since its move from Rome to Spain by Lawrence the Martyr in the year 258, as held by tradition.

The body of existing data points to the Valencia grail as the most probable authentic chalice of Christ.
This could have saved Indiana Jones and his father quite a lot of exertion. But wait! Maybe not:

Miguel Navarro, doctor in church history from Rome's Gregorian University, stated that the chalice "is not a magical object, but consecrated by Jesus' use of it and by the faith that perceives it as such, which has great religious value, regardless of the fact that it cannot be proved with absolute scientific certainty that it is the Lord's chalice."

Well, heck! I could've them that! After all, does that look like a humble carpenters' cup?

The question is, has anyone tried drinking from it to see if they age very rapidly and wither away to dust or are blessed with immortality?
According to the article some early -- and supposedly very dead -- Popes used it to say Mass. Maybe those Popes, like the "fictional" knight, are really in some cave under the Vatican running the Illuminati, the Priory of Sion and Opus Dei ... and the world!
Does every country in the world have to have its own shroud of Turin?

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