Monday, November 03, 2008


Now Is the Time

Because if you don't, you can be sure people like this will:

Remember freedom of speech? Remember when it was okay to speak about your beliefs to other believers and share those beliefs in discussion (public or private) because your freedom to speak about whatever was guaranteed. That was before it became the freedom to speak only about what the liberals see as the truth. If you believe abortion is wrong or homosexuality is wrong or evolution is wrong, then you are vilified and marginalized. Your children are taught according to the liberal agenda in school and you are not allowed to refuse to have them taught those things. They will not be taught both sides and allowed to choose either.

Janna O'Donnell wants her freedom to speak but not any freedom for others to reply. She can oppose the right of women to control their own bodies, condemn people for an unchosen sexual orientation and try to teach other people's children her religious beliefs, instead of science, in the guise of a phony "controversy." But criticize her and it's "vilification," or it's liberals and the media ganging up to "suppress any viewpoint which is different" or most hysterically:

Every time a country starts espousing one ideology and marginalizing a group, it is very bad news for anyone who does not toe the party line. Think of Nazi Germany. ...

I am not saying Barak Obama or any of his supporters are Nazis. I am saying that they are attacking and suppressing anyone who opposes their viewpoint, like the Nazi's did in Germany.

Riiight! They're not Nazis, they just act like them.

The only way in a democracy to keep people who can't think their way out of a tissue paper bag from deciding all our fates is to vote 'em down. Godwin's Law might work in internet debates but it doesn't work in the voting booth.

People like that woman scare the bejeebers out of me (and I'm not even sure what bejeebers are).
My wife and I are secular homeschoolers. Unfortunately, we share a common meeting room with fundies here in NJ. I've put up with their asshat horseshit for quite a long time - my wife doesn't want me to respond to their corrosive crap because she has to del with some of them on a daily basis. For the past few months I have seen them send every piece of slime that could be made up about Obama. John, please excuse me, and I hope it's not premature, but this is FUCKING GREAT!!!!
Oops. I'm getting giddy. I mean the results of the election.
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