Monday, December 08, 2008


Surprise, Surprise

The Supreme Court has refused to hear an emergency appeal from Leo Donofrio of New Jersey, who claims President-elect Barack Obama is ineligible for the office because he had dual nationality at birth, since his mother was American and his father was a British subject from Kenya and, therefore, he cannot be a "natural born citizen." Donofrio is an equal opportunity loon, claiming that John McCain isn't one either because he was born in the Panama Canal Zone.

There is another appeal pending of dismissals of lawsuits by "9/11 Truther" Philip J. Berg, claiming that Obama was born in Kenya instead of Hawaii. Charitably, those suits are based on evidence at the same level of believability as what has been produced to show that Bush blew up the Twin Towers.

No Bush v. Gore this time around.

No, but an abundance of fruitcakes.
Oh, well ... it is the holidays and we will just have to deal with them they way we do with all the others ...
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