Friday, January 09, 2009


The Attack of the 50 Foot ...

There's a big film festival going on in Texas right now. What? You've never heard of it? How could you have missed the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival?

Fortunately, the reports of James Alanis in the Dallas Morning News will keep you apprised of events. We can count on James, I'm sure, especially when he opens his first report:

For three days, January 8-9th, Christians around the nation, and from other countries, will be exposed to the latest in Christian productions.

So what sort of movie "ignites the cinematic visions of many followers of Christ"?

I suppose it was inevitable that Expelled would surface to titillate the persecution complex of Christians. The fact that Christians are a majority in the US would seem incongruous with their claims of persecution but, given the narrowness of some Christians' definition of "Christian" (Barack Obama ain't one and "defames" Christianity by claiming to be one), True ChristiansTM probably are a tiny minority.

But here's what really sets Christians' hearts aflutter (to the tune of roughly $33 million dollars at the box office):

That would be Fireproof. Well, at least it isn't a Left Behind movie.

I think I see one of the problems:

"for three days, Jan 8-9"...

They can't count.

1 day - Jan 8
2 days - Jan 9
3 days - ???
It explains Genesis though:

... and the evening and the morning was the first day ... and the evening and the morning was the second day ... and the evening and the morning was the 4,178,737,263 day ...
Can anyone imagine a more mind-numbing film festival? Why do Christians torture themselves so?
John -

Thanks for the chuckle.
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