Friday, January 09, 2009


Excitement Machine

Hey folks!

There's only two weeks to go until the end of the entry period for the Discovery Institute's Academic Freedom Day Video and Essay Contest with the fabulous grand-prize of $500, prizes of $250 each for the essay runner-up and video runner-up and up to 10 awards of a choice of a free book or DVD for finalists.

I don't know about you but excitement must be building amongst all those budding design scientists out there. In anticipation of the newly-proclaimed "Academic Freedom Day" of February 12, entries should be pouring in.

We can't check on the essay submissions but let's mosey on over to the contest's YouTube site, where submissions of videos are, doubtless, bursting the seams of YouTube's server.

Well, imagine that! There's still no entries, just a "public service" video by Ben Stein.

I know! All those nascent Francis Ford Coppolas must be taking the extra time to polish their videos to Darwinist-crushing perfection.

Yeah ... that's the ticket!

Well, shoot. I'm going to be mighty disappointed if I mosey over there in two weeks and there's nothing to see.
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