Wednesday, January 07, 2009


The Hurry With the Fringe on Tap

As reported by the National Center for Science Education, Oklahomans are the first out of the starters gate in the sweepstakes to see which state legislature can make fools out of themselves by passing anti-evolution bills in this anniversary year for Darwin. It's the same "strengths and weaknesses" misdirection that has been brought up in the state legislatures of Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Missouri, South Carolina and Louisiana, with only the last instance being enacted, though in much altered form.

No doubt it is the same "weaknesses" that will be pushed as we were treated to by the Texas State Board of Education, namely: thoroughly lame, long refuted, pig-ignorant creationist horse hockey that will last about 10 minutes in any Federal court that is willing and able to follow Edwards v. Aguillard.

The good news for Oklahoma is that it still has a governor, Brad Henry, who was willing to veto the last bit of Fundamentalist nuttery that reached his desk.

But, just in case, contributions to Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education would not be amiss.

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