Saturday, January 17, 2009


Money Changing Hands

Where can you find books about "Christian sex" (doing it on your knees?), "Samson muscle suits," or the ever-popular "camouflage Bibles"?

That would be the Mardel Christian and Education store, owned by a division of the Southern Baptist Convention, in Lubbock, Texas.

You can also find The Sword of God (Lights Up! Realistic Sounds! Powerful Message!), Jonah and the Whale action figures (warning: choking hazard, small parts not suitable for children. Or whales) but you apparently can no longer find the Christian mints: Testamints.

Another thing you won't find is Ben Stein's Expelled:

But if the DVD wasn't sold out, you'd find the film that exposed academic prejudice against scientific evidence for Intelligent Design, and which Christians helped to make the No. 1 documentary of 2008, with a sticker slapped on its cover: "Family Approved."

Truth is not, apparently, a "family value" in some circles ... including truth in advertising, since at least one documentary ... ironically ... outdid Expelled at the box office.

Perhaps most telling is the comment by manager Rian Reynolds:

I think that there are too many secular stores out there. We need something to balance that and bring a Christian view into the world.

It seems that the Bible and faith are not enough to sustain some Christians ... it takes kitsch and deception and a separate culture, hermetically sealed against the rest of the world, in order to keep believing.

For a last delicious bit of irony, the store is located at 7020 Quaker Avenue.

Friends, indeed.

Christians teaching other Christians about sex. The blind leading the blind?
Wait a minute ... Jesus cures the blind, doesn't he?
Does this mean competition for the Landover Baptist store?
Naw. As far as I can see, Southern Baptists have no sense of humor.
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