Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Praise Hymn

Okay, I'm ambivalent about this one.

That's the new billboard the Freedom From Religion Foundation is planning to erect in Madison, Wisconsin, Dayton, Tennessee, and Dover, Pennsylvania. Of course, they have every right to put up billboards and Darwin's image is certainly in the public domain.

The science-favoring blogosphere has been pretty critical of late of the New Scientist article that lent aid and comfort to creationists by asserting that "Darwin Was Wrong." A major thread of that criticism was that the author and editors should have realized the impact that the article and, particularly, the cover image, could have in giving creationists fodder to attack science education. But a major theme of that attack on science is that evolution is, itself, a religion. Now, sure, we know that the intent of the billboard is to advocate doing away with religion, just as the intent of New Scientist was to report on legitimate science. But, just as creationists, aided by the blinders many believers wear, can distort the message in the New Scientist article, they can certainly distort the message of "Praise Darwin."

If New Scientist can be criticized for not taking more care with their words and images why not the Freedom From Religion Foundation?

Update: Larry Moran doesn't like it much either.

I assume that the billboard is deliberately oxymoronic, but yes, creationists will surely use it to argue that evolutionists are Darwin-worshippers.
Yeah, those of us who've been at this for a while get the joke. Those who it's aimed at, not so much.
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