Sunday, February 08, 2009


Counterfeit Bills

Uh, oh! The Discovery Institute is going to be pissed!

State Sen. Stephen Wise, a Jacksonville [Florida] Republican, said he plans to introduce a bill to require teachers who teach evolution to also discuss the idea of intelligent design.

We all know DI is against mandating the teaching of ID, don't we?

This bit is good:

Rep. Alan Hays, a Republican from Umatilla, sponsored the "critical analysis" bill in the House last year and said he would support a similar effort this session.

Hays said part of his beliefs come from his training as a dentist, which involved an extensive education in anatomy.

"How can anyone study the human body and deny that it was created by a higher power?" he said. "It is one magnificent collection of genius.

"It is not an accident that happened to come together."

What's up with dentists? Don McLeroy, Texas' creationist chairman of the State Board of Education is one too.

I think they're doing it wrong ... I think they're supposed to be looking into the other end.

I think dentists (and a few notorious doctors as well) are another example of the Salem Hypothesis: practitioners of a science-based art, with just enough science in their training to give them delusions of competence outside their field.
They're professionals ... the acknowledged intellectuals of their communities. They've studied anatomy I'll have you know! Why should they think that there is anything outside their knowledge?
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