Saturday, February 14, 2009


Dogma and Pony Show

It seems that we have all been politically incorrect. According to James Dobson's Focus on the Family, it is name-calling to refer to "the Religious Right."

Terms like 'Religious Right' have been traditionally used in a pejorative way to suggest extremism. The phrase 'socially conservative evangelicals' is not very exciting, but that's certainly the way to do it.

As one wag put it:

If the movement's leaders believe "religious right" has become synonymous with extremism and hatred, perhaps the movement should be less extreme and hateful.

But I think we should bow to their wishes. After all, it's not like they won't honor the preferences of others in matters of names, right?

So from now on, instead of calling them "the Religious Right," I propose that we call them "the Religious Lunatic Fringe."

It's more accurate anyway.


Via Dana Hunter

If that's the way they want it, don't call then the Religious Right.

Call them the Religious Wrong.
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