Monday, February 09, 2009


Heavenly Metaphors

In the category of "we're better off if you don't help":

I am a firm believer in the inspired words of the Bible, however the fact is that God created us to evolve. It has been scientifically discovered that COMETS contain organic molecules of life. I accept the story of Adam and Eve as a METAPHOR. A comet carrying the stuff of life does look similar to the male reproductive organisms. Comets have tails....spermatazoa have tails. The Earth is round... the female egg is round. The earth is also referred to as "Mother Earth."

The Comet hit the earth, and all the stuff of life started in single cell organisms, however GOD sent the Comets carrying the stuff of life. It comes to "God knew what he was making," and it all comes down to the recipe for making you. This does lead to the concept of fore-ordination. That God knew that the end result was YOU when the new organisms hit the earth.

Kinda sad when your ostensible allies make you want to smash your forehead into the table, innit?
I want to know what his METAPHOR for God's penis is.
We have gone from the big bang, to the big jerk off.

In the beginning,... ***censored*** ... and it struck the earth…..and it was good, very good.
John. Do you really want to ask questions to which the answer may be TMI?

The Egyptians got there first, anyway, and without needing a metaphor - they simply have one of their gods masturbating the world into being. As elbogz said... twasn't so much a big bang, necessarily...

Worship in that temple must have been fun.
John. Do you really want to ask questions to which the answer may be TMI?

Oh, heck ... I've been doing the creationism business for 25 years or more in one way or another. If rampant stupidity and blatant dishonesty hasn't rotted my brain yet -- okay, that's a big if -- a little celestial porn isn't going to ZZZPTXXX thrup blIIIzzzingfail PPPHTZZPTX
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