Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Jamming the Radar

As predicted, the ID noise machine is gearing up to claim that Ben Stein's withdrawal from being commencement speaker at the University of Vermont is evidence of academia's bias against ID and lack of academic freedom. I already noted Wild Bill Dembski's entry into the claque and now that epitome of sound and fury signifying nothing, Casey Luskin, is stamping his foot over at the Discovery Institute's blog. It's the usual persecution hue and cry but I found this amusing:

[UVM President Dan] Fogel's denial that this bears upon academic freedom has a huge credibility gap: Fogel claims this isn't about freedom of expression, but it seems clear that scholars aren't free to express support for intelligent design or they are charged with "ignor[ing] the basics of scientific inquiry."
This is the same Casey Luskin who, not long ago, was defending the Wedge Document's promise to replace "the predominant materialistic science" with "a science consonant with Christian and theistic convictions."

In other words, they want to ignore the basics of scientific inquiry as they are understood by the scientific community as a whole and simply change the definition of it to suit their theistic beliefs. And if anyone actually dares to even mention this fact about IDeologists, they are suppressing their right to free expression.

I suppose they're right in a way ... telling people what they are doing stifles their ability to freely pursue stealth creationism.

Ah, yes, the poor dears. That marketplace of ideas is fierce - they need protectionist policies or they'll never survive the competition.
Heck, they need bailouts, given that they haven't been able to sell their Paleymobiles worth a lick for the last 150 years.
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