Sunday, February 15, 2009


Mohler's Choice

Let's see ...

"If you understand Christianity or even Theism – the belief of a sovereign creator God – and evolutionary theory in its dominant form , I find it impossible to reconcile the two," Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said on his radio program Thursday, the 200th birthday anniversary of Charles Darwin.

Interestingly, the article in The Christian Post that recounts Mohler's opinion also notes:

The Catholic Church accepts theistic evolution, which asserts that evolution occurred but was a process created and planned by God.

... which implies that neither the Catholic Church nor the Pope understand Christianity or Theism, a position of no small theological arrogance. Mohler goes on to say:

"God was not merely fashioning the creation of what was already pre-existent, nor was He merely working with a process in order to guide it in some generalized way, nor was He waiting to see how it would turn out," said Mohler.

"As Genesis indicates, He created the world in order that the world might be the theater of His glory for the demonstration of the Gospel of Christ and He created human beings as the only beings made in His image, as His covenant partner," the Protestant theologian explained.

The best evidence he can give for rejecting evolution, outside of his particular interpretation of the Bible, is an argument that manages to combine not just one but two logical fallacies: argumentum ad populum and argument from personal incredulity:

A Gallup poll released on Feb. 11 found that 200 years after Darwin most Americans still don't believe in evolution, with only 4 out of 10 Americans saying they accepted the theory.

"I believe the reason why they cannot believe in evolution is because when they look in the mirror they cannot see an accident," remarked Mohler.

Anyway, Mohler is giving us a Hobson's Choice: either accept ignorance or forget about his God. The only mystery here is why so many people have any problem making the right choice.

John, the classical meaning of "Hobson's Choice" is no choice at all: do it my way, period!

They would achieve this state if their theocratic dreams became reality.

Bob Carroll
Well, you do have the one option in a Hobson's choice of walking away all together. I know I was stretching a point but Mohler is claiming the authority to determine what Christianity, and theism in general, require. In effect, he's saying if you want to be a theist, you have to give up evolution and, by extension, all of science.
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