Monday, February 16, 2009


Oklahoma OK!

As originally reported by Abbie at ERV, the Oklahoma version of the "academic freedom" ploy was killed in committee today (and just why were they working on President's Day, anyway? -- Commies!):

The vote was 7-6 on Monday in the Senate Education Committee against Sen. Randy Brogdon's Scientific Education and Academic Freedom Act.

The Owasso Republican says teachers in his district fear retribution for bringing up alternative theories on a wide range of subjects, such as evolution and stem cell research.

But McAlester Democrat Sen. Richard Lerblance calls the bill a subterfuge that would lead to teaching of theories based on religious viewpoints and not science.

Seven ... count 'em ... rational legislators in Oklahoma! That puts the state high up on the national list.

Amusingly, the report from KFSM 5News, without any apparent prompting, connects Intelligent Design to the "academic freedom" ploy and gets its purpose right:

The theory that there is an intelligent design to the universe and life has been advanced to counter court rulings prohibiting the teaching of creationism as science.

Dave S, said...

I love how this supposedly "wide range of subjects" always seems to encompass the same few...evolution, stem cells and maybe global warming.
Considering the narrow worldview of the proponents, anything at or above three issues may be as wide a range as they can manage.
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