Sunday, February 08, 2009


Protecting the Faith

RenewAmerica, the website for the portion of the Religious Right that can't handle all the three syllable words they might encounter in WorldNetDaily, shows once again that most people, particularly ID's advocates, can see right through the obfuscation of the Discovery Institute about the identity of the "Designer":

The debate between Intelligent Design and Darwinism is not allowed in our public school classes — but it should be. It is clear to believers that humankind is the masterpiece of God's work. Only people have minds that can critically think and deduce complex things. Only the human heart has the capacity to fall in love and understand and appreciate the joys of intimacy. According to scripture, God made woman for man for his divine purposes. Passion between a husband and wife is a gift from The Almighty. Animals procreate, while people enjoy transcendent relationships and raise closely-connected families.

Marie Jon, "RA analyst," demonstrates the lack of analytic skills in this bit:

It's bewildering that well-educated people should believe so ardently in this unproven science. This godless teaching is foisted upon our society as though it were empirically-demonstrated fact.

It might occur to anyone giving any serious thought to a subject that, if she found that intelligent people, particularly the overwhelming majority of experts in the field, disagreed with her understanding of the topic, that maybe, just maybe, she might be wrong. No such troubling doubts cross Ms. Jon's mind.

I guess it's comfortable to have one's mind welded shut.


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