Saturday, February 14, 2009


Red In Tooth ...

Ian Bell in The Sunday Herald on creationists:

They are otherwise persuaded, despite a ton of evidence. People, as ever, believe what they want to believe. ...

Speaking as a monkey's uncle's less popular nephew, I don't mind. If I have read Darwin half-way right, employing both opposable thumbs to prop up the book, natural selection depends on a majority always missing the point. Then we kill and eat them.


How come I can't leave a trackback here? Weirdness in blogger?
Last time I checked, Blogger didn't support trackbacks but there may be widgets that can be installed to support them. My experience with widgets is such (crashing, breaking noises and disabled blog) that I won't attempt them except under extreme compulsion.

Think of this blog as a charming throwback to the pre-technological age ... or not.
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