Saturday, February 28, 2009


When in Rome

Stephen Meyer, a cofounder of the Discoveryless Institute and director of its Center for Science and Culture, is on a road trip:

An American scientist and co-founder of the renowned Discovery Institute says Shrewsbury should be proud of its most famous son Charles Darwin - despite disagreeing with many of his ideas.

Although being among those responsible for forming the intelligent design movement, which challenges Darwin's theory of evolution, Stephen Meyer, of Seattle, said he had huge respect for the work carried out by the naturalist.

First of all, Meyer is not a "scientist" (unless undergraduate degrees in physics and geology and a stint at Atlantic Richfield Company hunting for oil counts). His Ph.D. is in the philosophy and history of science. This is a mistake that appears in the popular press often enough to make you wonder if it is entirely accidental.

And the DI is "renowned" in about the same way Bonnie and Clyde were.

But mostly I wonder just how proud Meyer really thinks Shrewsburyians should be of Darwin, considering what the DI keeps saying about him and his work, as in this example:

Richard Weikart: Darwinism was a central, guiding principle of Nazi ideology, especially of Hitler's own world view.

Of course, as part of the ploy, Weikart and the DI will equivocate about the role of Darwin or evolutionary theory in the Holocaust, depending on which audience they are addressing. But the implication is clear throughout: you should only be proud of Darwin if you think genocide is a good thing.

Janus would be proud.

Did you guys ever think of maybe using MediaWiki for the Talk Origins archive engine? Everybody else is doin it! Just an off the cuff thought. Cheers.
I was never one of the guys running the Archive. As a matter of fact, the QMP hasn't been updated in a while, despite some pending stuff, because the guy who did the html disappeared. If you have the know-how and feel like helping, contact Wes Elsberry at The Austringer
It was just a thought. MediaWiki is the same software that runs wikipedia and conservapedia and sites like that. in wikipedia format sounds kinda interesting doesn't it? Sure it does!
John, what kind of know-how are we talking about here? I wouldn't mind helping out, but it depends on what the needs are.
As far as I know (which isn't much) it is straight html work (of which I know only enough to do a simple blog like this with Blogger's automated help).
Kristjan Wager, give that a kick in the butt, dude. It looks so dark and dreary over there!

I think Mr. Pieret needs something where he (and/or others) can just go over there to the quote mine index and just type in a bunch of stuff anytime he feels like it. Just as if it were a blog or a wiki or something like that.
OK. Dropped Wes a message through facebook. We'll see what happens.

386sx, content management systems are a bit annoying to build from scratch, so hopefully it won't be necessary, but we'll see.
Kristjan Wager, look at what a good job conservapedia did with mediawiki. Yeah, they're kooky people, but you gotta admit they're doing a nice job.

I don't know if mediawiki would be the way to go or not. (It does have pretty good ACL permissions and whatnot.)

I don't know a lot about that stuff. I don't know if it would be right for talkorigins or not. Just sayin...
P.S., they're doing a nice job because mediwiki is some dern nice software, of course.
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