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In the category of things you never wished for and may not want:

In what one might call a biblical move, Christian philanthropist Howard Ahmanson -- one of three major funders of the campaign for California's Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages -- has abandoned the GOP for the Democratic Party.

On the one hand, Ahmanson allows how he no longer thinks gays should be stoned to death and does think that Republican "no new taxes" fundamentalism is foolish. On the other:

In case someone asked, "intelligent design" is neither Republican nor Democrat. And what I expect the Democratic Party to offer me is knowledge of people—admittedly a fringe—who know that.

Ahmanson has never been known for contributing heavily to candidates, so his influence on the party itself may be minor unless that changes. And it doesn't sound like he is going to change much in what sort of issue-oriented causes he will fund.

The interesting point may be that, having already alienated the rational conservatives like Colin Powell, the present Republican dimwittery may now be alienating even the non-rational ones.


Image by Johan Svensson

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