Monday, March 23, 2009


Jesus Christ, Super Liar

That's apparently what Ken Ham thinks of Jesus.

As recounted at Exploring Our Matrix and Clashing Cultures, Michael Zimmerman of the Clergy Letter Project has taken note of Ham's complaint that the BBC "ambushed" one of his "scientists," Jason Lisle, by turning a scheduled interview into a debate with Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science Education without informing Lisle ahead of time. Doubtless, Lisle came off badly and Ham is trying to spin his bad performance.

The truth or falsity of Ham's charge (and the implication that Lisle is not, apparently, able to defend his faith very well) is not the interesting part of this. The interesting thing is, as recounted by Zimmerman in an email newsletter, Ham himself participated in just such an ambush:

What makes Ham's complaints so incredibly ironic and hypocritical is that this is exactly what he did to me a year ago. I was scheduled to do an interview last year on a fundamentalist Christian radio show only to discover, upon going on the air, that Ken Ham was also on the line, ready to debate me. When asked why neither the host nor Ken had the courtesy to inform me that I was to participate in a debate rather than in an interview, I was told that they believed that I wouldn't have accepted their offer had I been told the truth. When I questioned them about the deception, I was told that since the debate was to further God's wishes, a minor deception of this sort was acceptable.

If Ham's version of Jesus aids and abets lying by condoning it, that makes him a liar himself. Then the question is why believe anything Jesus (supposedly) said?

Lying for the Lord. How classy.
Actually, Ken Ham was not responsible for the "deception" of Zimmerman. It was the radio host who is to blame. You can read the latest at Ken Ham's blog here:

So, is a retraction in the works?
It was the radio host who is to blame. You can read the latest at Ken Ham's blog ...

So, did Ham object at the time as well? Did he tell the host that such a thing was unChristian? If not, my comment (that he participated in such an ambush) stands.
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