Saturday, March 28, 2009


Understanding Creationists

Jeremy Mohn at stand up for REAL science has an amusing discovery: Don McLeroy admitted yesterday that he didn't read all those books by "Darwinists" that he has been quoting lately, despite having said that that reading books about evolution was one of his hobbies and that he had been checking out three books a week on the topic of evolution from his local public library!

So, basically, in the creationist lexicon, checking out books on the topic of evolution amounts to hunting through the library for works by creationists who quote mine snippets from actual books on evolution?

Who woudda thunk it?

McLeroy admitted to the writer of this Houston Chronicle commentary that he had indeed read one of the books. I'm guessing that it was Mayr's What Evolution Is given that he held up a dog-eared copy of the book during his presentation.

Of course, some of the worst quote mines on his list came from that book.

This dentist clearly suffers from "trooth" decay.
I'm guessing that it was Mayr's What Evolution Is ...

Too bad. I was really hoping someone had read Gould's "brick" all the way through. ;-)
Another liar (or maybe it's just an exaggerator this time) for Jesus exposed.
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