Saturday, March 14, 2009


Workers of the World

I'm a little more progressive than Mike Dunford but a little less than John Lynch.

But anyway you slice it, all three of us are commie, God-hating, anti-Merkin', wine-sipping, nattering nabobs of negativism and part of the effete corps of impudent snobs "extremely progressive" according to the Center For American Progress.

In the Center's "Interactive Quiz: How Progressive Are You?" I scored 335 out of 400, well above the national mean of 209.5.

As always, take this quiz with a grain of salt as your mileage may vary.


Damnm I only scored a 331.
Ha! I'm more extremely progressive than you! 356. Eat my dust, you DFH pseudo-extremists!
Only 288.

I feel so ashamed.
This time I got a 318. The last time, a few days ago, it was 330 something, I think. Boy, am I unreliable! Probably a cryptofascist.

Bob Carroll
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