Tuesday, April 21, 2009


College Test

The American River College Student Council gained some notoriety by supporting Proposition 8, California's anti-gay-marriage Constitutional Amendment, last year. Some of the more reality-based students are now seeking to oust the old council. Based on these statements by one of the incumbents, it is none too soon:

Christian students feel like they can't speak their mind in class, said Viktor Choban, a student council member who is running for re-election as part of [incumbent president George "Yuriy"] Popko's slate. He said he is tired of professors' support for feminism and science teachers whose tests ask how old the Earth is.

"It depends on your religion," said Choban, 25. "I would say 6,000 years based on my religion. The evolutionists would say 2 million years."

Yeah! How dare a science professor expect you to give science's answer to a question instead of religion's? ... Much less know science's answer within a couple of orders of magnitude?

The best of luck to David Fisher and his slate of people who actually think attending a college should involve learning a little something about the world!

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2 million years? Fail.
A small correction, John. Yuriy Popko was the Slavic coalition's candidate for president, but he was not the incumbent. The incumbent was part of their alliance, but he was a Mormon who was stepping down from the position.

Also, it's student council, not counsel.

Thanks for following the story. I expect to hear more in the fall, when the brave new world of a non-insane student government dawns at American River College. I hope my buddy Steve gets to have a boring school year for a change.
... it's student council, not counsel.

Ack! That's what comes of being a lawyer and speeling it the other way so often. Being a lawyer, I'm just going to correct it.

Good luck to the new student ... um ... leaders.
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