Monday, April 06, 2009


Coming in Second

Well, Ben Stein has landed a gig for graduation season.

You may remember that Stein had been invited to be the commencement speaker at the University of Vermont but backed out (with or without encouragement from the University's president) when the proverbial excrement hit the air movement apparatus.

He's got a slot now at a much friendlier venue: Liberty University. The main reason given for offering the opening to Stein is rather amusing. According to Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr.:

... his work as the nation’s most prominent advocate for bringing integrity and academic freedom back to the American scientific community has been legendary.

That's the best the "academic freedom" ploysters can do? The legend that is Ben Stein?

"Legendary"? Notorious, more like.
Not to mention ludicrous.
I bet he won't wave his "honorarium" (extortionate fee)...unlike the amoral, strident new-atheist.

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