Friday, April 24, 2009


Governor's As High As An Elephant's Eye

Oklahoma is lucky to have Brad Henry.

The state's governor has been willing to stand up against the wing-nut extremist religious right in the past, despite it's considerable political power in the state. He's done it again and, what is better, has made his action stick.

Gov. Henry vetoed a law that would have banned embryonic stem cell research in the state and would have made it a misdemeanor to engage in such science. The vote to override the veto passed in the House but failed by six votes in the state Senate. The business community, particularly the Chambers of Commerce of Tulsa and Oklahoma City, had opposed the law, seeing it as having an adverse effect on Oklahoma's research community (no kidding!) and likely to have discouraged research-based industries locating in Oklahoma (nothin' gets by those guys!).

Congratulations Governor!


Via Erv

So.... putting a halt to a promising line of scientific research = good for research-based industries. Allowing a promising line of scientific research to be pursued = bad for research-based industries.

These people are quite insane.
Opps. Sorry. I realize now that I didn't make that clear. The Chambers of Commerce were lobbying for the veto and against the ban on embryonic stem cell research. That's probably why the override failed.

For once, they were not quite insane.
That's what I get for not reading closely. Damn. It would've been funnier if they'd been opposing the veto.

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