Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Say What?

Oklahoma State Representative Todd Thomsen is the ... not to put too fine a point on it ... buffoon who filed a resolution in the House opposing the invitation to Richard Dawkins to speak at the University of Oklahoma. He's followed up that performance with this:

Thomsen said he wrote the resolution because he felt he had a responsibility to his constituents to share his opinion as a state representative.

The resolution was never heard by the House, but Thomsen said that hasn't stopped criticism.

"I have received quite a bit of opposition from a consistently atheistic crowd worldwide," he said.

Thomsen said he has been accused of trying to advocate censorship, but said he feels as though he's the one being censored.

He said his resolution proposal wouldn't censor anyone but his critics are trying to censor him and others who question evolution.

"It [the proposal] simply says that, you know, we strongly oppose [Dawkins' appearance at OU]," Thomsen said.
So, let's recap ... trying to get a branch of the state government, that has fiscal control of the university, to condemn the appearance of a speaker on campus is just expressing his opinion ... as a state representative. But when private citizens express their opinion of him and his actions, with no power to do anything ... except to consider his actions next time the ballot box is opened ... that's censorship.

The people of Oklahoma are so screwed.

I hope this buffoon gets voted out of office the next time around.
Unfortunately, I suspect he well represents his constituents.
You're probably right - I doubt he'll pay any political price for this. Playing the victim helps there, that's why he feels "censored", I think.

It's depressing to see what our legislatures waste their time doing.
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