Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Accommodationists: Enemies of Religion

Given the recent flap over "accommodationist" statements, including by the National Academy of Sciences, to the effect that "[a]cceptance of the evidence for evolution can be compatible with religious faith," the following is amusing:

It is compromisers like [Michael Francis] Collins who cause people to doubt and disbelieve the Bible—causing them to walk away from the church. In fact, in a new book to be released in three weeks (entitled: Already Gone), we report on well documented research that confirms this.
So who finds accommodationists like Collins to actually be the enemies of religion? Why, Answers in Genesis.

It is true that in this era of history, people are asking questions about Genesis, as they recognize that if Genesis is not true, how can one trust any of God’s Word? Collins is offering them answers that will only further undermine biblical authority—AiG is giving answers that stand on biblical authority, and, as a result, so many have testified they became Christians or rededicated their lives.

AiG stands unapologetically on the authority of the Word of God. How we need to pray that Collins and his group will repent of their compromise and return to biblical authority. They honor man’s fallible ideas instead of God’s infallible Word.
Isn't it a consequence of an expanding universe that, if you go in one direction far enough, you wind up back in the same place?


Psst -- it's Francis, not Michael!
Dave S. said...

This doesn't surprise me at all. Both extremes framing (deliberate use of shock word) the argument as science OR religion...both equally convinced that their side will triumph if it's framed that way.
Thanks Carl. I was doing it on the hop at work and didn't check as I usually do (given my swiss-cheese memory).

Framing? Oh Nos!
Having seen that beautiful painting scene so many times my thoughts turn to the cartoon version where Adam says, "um, Eve, if you turn around now, there is something interesting we could do."

Bob Carroll
I wouldn't be a bit surprised if Michaelangelo was thinking the same thing.
It is obvious that one of man's fallible ideas is that the earth is a planet, for it surely cannot be found in the Bible.

But among the fallible ideas that humans have invented - well, I'll just pick out the idea that the KJV (as more recently redacted) is inerrant.

Tom S.
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