Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Good Books

The Chaplain has the text of the resolution of Rep. Paul Broun (R- GA), seeking to have President Obama declare 2010 the "Year of the Bible," over at An Apostate's Chapel. Some highlights:

Whereas deep religious beliefs stemming from the Old and New Testament of the Bible have inspired Americans from all walks of life ...

Whereas the Bible has been the world's best selling book ...

Whereas the Bible, used as a moral guide, has inspired compassion, love for our neighbor, and the preciousness of life and marriage ...
... and so forth and so on.

Personally, I think its a fine idea. So good, in fact, that we should make it an annual event. That's why I look to 2011, when another best-selling, inspirational, supposedly divinely-inspired guide book on love and the preciousness of life will be chosen:

2011: Year of the Kama Sutra

That Karma Sutra is a dangerous book! Why, if two of the pages stuck together, you could break a leg!
Or other vital bodily parts!
Sounds like Broun has never actually read the Bible.
There's a whole slew of possibilities:

2012: Year of Dianetics
2013: Year of the Egyptian Book of the Dead
2014: Year of the Poetic Edda
I'm so on board for the Year of the Kama Sutra! Fantastic idea!

Guess I'd better get busy limbering ye olde joints...
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