Sunday, May 10, 2009


Intelligent Bull

Barbara Forrest is in The Panda's Thumb demolishing Francis Beckwith's claim that he is not an Intelligent Design supporter:

Beckwith wants to have his cake and eat it, too. On the one hand, over a period of almost ten years (given the February 2009 talk in Baton Rouge, it's fair to include the present), he wants (sic) to articles and a book and make public appearances that any reasonable person would interpret as pro-ID, while on the other hand, he wants to deny that he is an ID supporter. But he doesn't get to have it both ways. As Tim Sandefur noted in his response, at the very least, if one lies down with dogs, one gets up with fleas. Does Beckwith really think that he could do these things and no one would ever comment on them? His writings and actions are what they are, and he now must live with them.
This is an old ploy of Beckwith's.

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