Friday, May 08, 2009


Latin, From Dictare

Angela Fletcher, for some reason, wants to advertise her ignorance of and disagreement with the American form of government. I find this confusing because, I'm fairly sure, Ms. Fletcher would be appalled to be labeled "un-American." But, nonetheless, that is precisely what she is.

From her Letter to the Editor of the Waterville, Maine Morning Sentinel, that the paper had the cruelty to publish:

Even if the governor signs the bill to make same-sex marriages legal in Maine, I will no more let my children or my future grandchildren believe that it is OK for same-sex couples to marry, than I did before it becomes a law. This idea of marriage is no more acceptable to me than Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

It is my right to teach my family my religious beliefs without being discriminated against. That is exactly what would be happening in the public schools -- No thank you.

Now, of course, she has the perfect right under our Constitution to believe (no matter how unfortunately) that homosexuality is morally icky and to teach her children and grandchildren to have the same narrow views as she does (though that statement that she will not "let" them believe differently sort of belies her later appeal to religious freedom). She deeply misunderstands what "discrimination" is, if she thinks that she has the right to demand that everyone else conform to what she wants to teach her children, however.

Her insistence on treating facts about the world, such as evolution and the science that supports it, as just another "worldview" choice she can make is nothing more than garden variety stupidity.

Where she becomes un-American is here:

The demoralization of our great country can be blamed on the fact that our forefathers separated religion from state.

It seems to me that those of us of religious descent are losing more and more of our religious freedoms. Little by little, from state to state, our country's morals are deteriorating. ...

The very reason the Founders separated church and state was to prevent her from being forced to adopt the morality of the majority and to allow her to retain her religious freedom. Indeed, the very fact that she has the right to teach her children and grandchildren her version of morality is a direct result of the state's inability to impose its moral code on her. Far from losing her religious freedom, she is loudly and publicly exercising it. She is also loudly and publicly demanding to take that right away from others ... as long as they disagree with her. That might also fall under one of the meanings of "demoralization."

In fact, she would happily dictate America's morals and use the power of government to enforce her dictates. Let's see if she can work out the noun form of that.

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