Saturday, May 09, 2009


No Degrees in Waste Management?

Here are some scary statistics:

Liberty University welcomed its largest-ever graduating class — 6,350 students — at 2009 Commencement exercises on Saturday, May 9. ...

Of this year's graduates, 32 percent are residential students, and 68 percent received degrees from Liberty University Online. Liberty's 2009 graduates received degrees and certifications from the following: aeronautics (27), arts and sciences (2,284), business (964), communication (293), engineering and computational science (43), education (583), government (176), law (55), religion (685), seminary (975), Willmington School of the Bible (15), Liberty Home Bible Institute (21), Institute of Biblical Studies (2) and the Online Academy (24).

The worst is that 583 education graduates. Think of the spreading ripples of ignorance that may propagate throughout our educational system! The government and law graduates are a lesser evil, now that the pipeline from the various institutes of ignorance straight into the upper reaches of government has been cut off. Communication majors might make Faux News even more ridiculous but, if the past two years is any measure, the Righteous Right's propaganda machine is not likely to be helped by more of the same. Engineering and computational science, along with aeronautics are, I think, fairly immune, unless there is a sudden spate of substituting prayer for good design. The type of religion practiced at Liberty can't get any worse.

It's amusing to note that Ben Stein, described as an "accomplished scholar, attorney, writer and actor" reportedly "delivered a message of creationism, patriotism and value for humanity to graduates and their families." Humping creationism pretty much belies the "scholar" business. It's even funnier that Stein follows in the footsteps of other illustrious commencement speakers:

Last year Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. noted that "Walker: Texas Ranger" star Chuck Norris' Commencement address was a historic one because it was Liberty's first address delivered in cowboy boots.

At least Norris was well equipped for what he was peddling.


The school's seal, with a burning book and the incitement to set knowledge aflame, remains one of the most apt I've ever seen.

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